Paraíso House

Paraíso House

4 bedrooms / up to 10 people

The Paraíso house is much more than a resting retreat. It’s a place for cure and connecting with nature. Surrounded by the vibrant force of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, and a gorgeous view of the Vale das Araras [Arara’s Valley], the house combines the unique landscape of the cerrado with the typical charm and comfort inspired by Trancoso.

The house has four rooms, a big living-room with fireplace, terrace and a floating deck that leads to the garden, where there’s a space for campfire. The Paraíso house has an outdoor and fully equipped kitchen with industrial stove, and also a swimming-pool with a creek and a little waterfall; all this a few steps from the city center.

We offer a concierge service that will give great tips about restaurants and also help our guests to choose and schedule local tours.